Why wildflower hunny?

My motto for this blog has always been to live wild and be sweet. I believe in unleashing your wild, whatever that may look like for you. This world can be cruel, and I like to have a friendly reminder that even when life get's you down, to remain sweet, and be humble. I like to live simply and slow, reminiscing in the sweet things that life has to offer. Stop and smell the wildflowers, you should try it sometime. 

Who is Widflower Hunny?

I'm just simple girl with big dreams, looking to spark joy and inspiration for those who follow. I want to help you unleash your wild side, to embrace the mundane and live a more natural and holistic life. I'm a lover of wildflowers, honeybees, and the water. I'm a millennial, but don't like to keep it stereotypical and enjoy being unique among my peers. My creative soul thrives on hands on projects, like pottery, and gardening, both of which I haven't done in many years. These days, you can find me reading, traveling, journaling, or thrifting. Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet, I do hope you'll stay. I promise I don't bite. 

You reap the seeds you sow, so plant me in the meadow, cover me in soil, watch me grow, wild and slow 

- Wildflower Hunny

For I am a wildflower in a field of weeds, I am beautiful, I am colorful, I am resilient, I am strong, For I am a wildflower in a field of weeds

- Wildflower Hunny

To unleash your wild is to free your soul

- Wildflower Hunny

Be still my wildflower, don't blow away.
I can't, I said, for I was born this way. 

- Wildflower Hunny






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