Rachael Brady

June 29, 2017

If We Had Coffee

I stole borrowed this idea from Greatest Escapist <- thanks!

If we had coffee…

    • I would probably tell you that I don’t even like coffee, and begin to wonder why we’re meeting at the coffee shop anyway, but I guess there’s always tea (except I don’t like tea either, so water it is).
  • I would likely ramble on about how obsessed I am with Broad City at the moment. I would really like to think I’m more of an Abbi, but it’s almost scary how much my social awkwardness results in the behaviors of Ilana.
  • I might disclose that meeting people is something I rarely do but need to do more often. I’m an introvert and usually enjoy my alone time to recharge my emotional batteries.
  • You might be guessing at this point that I’m a bit of couch potato and I won’t argue that. If my husband were there, he would vouch for me. I’m not saying I’m proud of it, but I’m basically in my pajamas as soon I’m off of work.
  • I sound incredibly selfish, so after I finish talking your ear off, I would probably ask how you’re doing (I don’t know why I wouldn’t open with that).

Blogging is something I’m new at. I’ve had this webpage for a year now and I haven’t made much progress. I need to get on the horse couch and start writing again. It’s therapeutic don’t you think? If we had coffee, what would you tell me?