Rachael Brady

July 23, 2017



Hi Everyone!

I have been so busy this week that I forgot to post my vacation video! If you didn’t know, my husband and I went to Maine for a week. We’re back to reality now, but still living in the memory of vacation and hoping we can go back soon.


It has been a dream of mine to rent a cabin in the woods and see the eastern seaboard. When my husband and I got married last year, we didn’t go on a honeymoon. Originally, I wanted to elope on a mountaintop, and honeymoon in the woods. It didn’t work out even close to that! So here’s where we make up for it. We came across this adorable cabin for just $50.00 a night on Airbnb. I was a little skeptical since this was our first time using Airbnb. The whole time I was thinking “what am I getting myself into?” The cabin was essentially “off-grid” with solar power, but only two lights, a chemical toilet, a bed, a sink, an outdoor shower, and a grill. Turns out, I’m more of a camper than I realized.


Once we arrived in Western Maine, we were on the hunt for the dirt road that led us to our cabin. I knew we had to drive 3 miles to get to our cabin, but I didn’t realize that the 3 miles it took, was up a mountain! The drive to our cabin took us nearly 20 minutes due to the drive uphill. Our cabin was on the summit on a small mountain likely 1,000 ish feet above sea level. The views were incredible. Although we were a bit far from the border of New Hampshire, we could see the White Mountains from our cabin.

Our cabin was nestled in a mountain community, a private drive that held other campsites and campers from out-of-state. Although there were others on the mountain, it felt like we had it to ourselves because the campsites are huge and people were spread few and far between. At times it was eerily quiet, but also peaceful because for once I felt that I could truly be alone with my thoughts without further distraction and disruption. The owners of the cabin made their own trails on the property. One day we took the trails to a spot they dubbed “The Lookout” and we sat on the rocks and meditated in the silence and soaked up what we could of “The Maine Woods.”

It was beautiful to actually see the stars every night. Living here in Cleveland, there is so much light pollution that you have to go to Geauga county if you want to see stars. My husband and I did the cliché thing and had smores and a campfire – worth it despite the mess and the bugs. It was refreshing to drink a beer and just chat my husband’s ears off. We had zero cellular coverage, so without our phones, computer, tv, or the internet, I felt that we could connect to one another like we are supposed to. Too often we find ourselves too busy for one other or distracted, and it can become a real problem if you don’t set out some ground rules.

Aside from basking in the beauty of our cabin retreat, we did venture out a bit. We went to the White Mountains and drove the 7.6 miles up to the summit of Mt. Washington (6,289 feet above sea level)! It was the most terrifying thing I have done. For some reason, it was scarier than the time I went up Pikes Peak and that is more than double the size! There were no guardrails, and I just keep looking over, and looking down… ugh my stomach was in knots. The views were so worth it though once you’re at the top. Unfortunately, at the summit, there were clouds that would not clear! Known for the “worst weather in the world” and it is so true. On a clear day, you can see the ocean! All I saw that day, was fog, fog, and more fog. I felt validated though once I received the bumper sticker that says “this car climbed Mt. Washington.” So glad I have a Jeep.

We went to Step Falls Preserve after our Mt. Washington trip to soak in the natural pools. The falls (which are actually shaped like stairs that you can climb) had a pool at the bottom of each “stair.” The water was freezing, but you get used to it. It wasn’t as cold as the glacial waters I have been in before, so there’s’ that. The water at Step Falls does flow from a mountain, but it’s not snowmelt, it’s spring water. Each step you climb, you’re closer to an even more incredible view of the mountains in front of you.

While we spent the week in Western Maine, our very last day we went to Rockland and spent some time on the coast. I was dying to try a Maine lobster roll, and we ended up at Claws where I ordered the flatlandah special, a lobstah roll, and a Maine blueberry soda. It was so delicious that now I’m on the hunt for good lobster rolls in Cleveland. Had we went to Rockland a little later in the year, we would’ve caught the lobster festival, which is a big deal. I didn’t realize when we were out on the water that all the buoys were lobster traps! The ocean is just filled with them in the Rockland harbor.


We went sailing while in Rockland on the Bufflehead sailing charter, a 51-year-old Schooner. We booked a 3 hour sunset sail, our first time being on a sailboat. We went out past the break wall of the Rockland harbor and near the Owl’s Head Lighthouse. Still short of seeing a whale, but I did see some seals and porpoises. The sunset wasn’t the greatest that night and it was a bit chilly, but I still managed to enjoy the sail without getting seasick. The ocean was surprisingly calm that day.

Returning home wasn’t easy. Although we booked a hotel for Friday night, we arrived after the office closed and had no way of getting to our room. We had to call hotwire to return our money while scrambling after midnight for a new hotel. Finding rooms that late at night is really hard, especially on a weekend in the summer, on the east coast. Every hotel we called was full. We drove from Rockland, ME to somewhere in Massachusetts before we finally found a motel that would take us. I think we ended up driving for six hours and didn’t get a room until 3 am. We slept a few hours then headed back out. We would’ve just slept in our car, but it’s really nice to have a bed to sleep in when you’re making a long drive.

We’re so sad to be back in Ohio, and constantly dreaming of Maine, hoping we can return again next year. Until then, hope you enjoy our vacation video.

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Happy in Maine from Rachael Brady on Vimeo.