Rachael Brady

January 9, 2018

Amazon Haul

Hi, and welcome back. I thought I would do a monthly piece about what I purchased from Amazon. I love Amazon because it allows me to find the cheapest price and bundle my items (but also free shipping). Surprisingly, I don’t use Amazon Prime. I use Amazon as if religiously, but I don’t see the added value in being a Prime member when I usually purchase items that qualify for free shipping, and I usually hit my price point with my purchases.

 St. Johns Wort

St. Johns Wort

I purchase this for my husband, and he enjoys taking it. This is a natural remedy to help calm nerves and anxiety (I’m not a doctor), but it seems to work out well for him. It has added benefits for women too. When taking St. John’s Wort, it can decrease the symptoms of PMS (I know how cranky I get)! This is the perfect wintertime herb too, as it can aide in seasonal depression. It also has anti-viral properties, making this a good daily supplement in the prevention of illness. This is the CHEAPEST St. John’s Wort I have seen, it’s really a price that can’t be matched, so I usually purchase this monthly.

Mini String Lights

String Lights

These are so cute! $6.99 for 16 feet of copper wired mini string lights. I purchased these for my Instagram photos, but I was so impressed with them, that I put them above my fireplace. I’m considering ordering more, the price cannot be beaten! It doesn’t come with batteries and requires three triple-A’s. There is an on and off switch at the end of the lights, and the box just tucks away nicely without destroying the view of your lights.

 Felt Letter Board

Felt Letter Board

I am really trying to step up my Instagram here, and I keep seeing these everywhere! I actually thought it would be a good idea to put one in the bathroom, as a friendly reminder about conserving water, but I decided this looked best in our bedroom. These are really multi-functional, they can be used for personal use, businesses, weddings, or parties. It’s easy to take the letters on and off, and they add a lot of special characters in with the lettering package, like smiley faces, flowers, stars, moons, etc.

 Reusable Straws


Yes – I’m that crazy lady with the reuseable straws at the restaurant (I know you’re judging). I get so tired of watching the Greenpeace videos about plastic in our oceans, and knowing how often we’re given straws when we dine out, but truthfully – unless you have a swallowing issue – they’re not really necessary. Plastic continuously gets thrown away instead of recycled, and it ends up hurting our wildlife. Nope, I’m not contributing to that. My husband uses straws daily for his smoothies, and bless him, he’s been reusing the throwaway ones! I thought it was a bit gross (even though he washed them) so I found him there, and it has a cleaning pipe! Also, these are BPA free!

 Reusable Produce Bags

Produce Bags

You know what else gets thrown away instead of recycled? Produce bags. These bags value at 5 bucks, and you get 5 in a purchase, so that makes them a buck each! I really bought these bags for their dual purpose. They also serve as nut milk bags. I don’t use nut milk much anymore, but I thought these could also come in handy when making homemade butter. They’re a bit bigger than I expected but work just fine. These can be easily washed and reused – the trick is remembering to take them with you when you go to the grocery store (I’m so bad at that).

Steel Water-Bath Canner  +  5-Piece Canning Set

CannerCanning Set

I’m new to canning but really excited about this purchase. I was tired of throwing away veggies, so I began composting. However, my small compost bin is busting at the seams and it’s stored in a mudroom since I’m currently living in an apartment. I decided to better preserve our food for nights we might be stuck inside, or don’t feel like going out, it would be good to have dinner options on deck. I try to purchase vegetables and use them throughout my weekly meals, but sometimes we have leftovers and end up not using them or storing them properly. Having this canner is also a good way that I can stock up on seasonal items and preserve them for year-round consumption. This is a 21.5-quart canner, and only $19.97! The pressure canners are too expensive, so I thought this was a bargain price, and simpler to use.

5 Gallon Water Bottle  + Porcelain Dispenser with Wood Counter Stand Water JugWater Dispenser

I was really excited about this purchase. I used to have a smaller water jug that I would fill at the grocery store until I lost it (whomp, whomp). Who knows what’s in municipal water, but I hate using it. I had a Brita water filter for a while (I hated filling up the small pitcher), so I opted for the sink attachment, but then I got tired of replacing the filter, and eventually, it broke. I fill up this 5-gallon jug for 0.35 a gallon at my local Whole Foods. It’s more expensive this way than using municipal water, but it tastes better, and I feel comfortable (err, safer) drinking it. I’m hoping to purchase an affordable rain chain so that I can collect rainwater to fill these jugs, the only issue is if the rainwater is from a building, then it may need to be filtered before consumption unless there is nothing blocking the rainwater, then it may be safe to drink.