Rachael Brady

October 29, 2019

Fall in Cleveland

Fall is my favorite season, and I think it is for most basic white girls. There’s just something about the smells, the drinks and food, the crunching of the leaves, the colors, and the cozy creature comforts.

It is a must that my husband and I always go to Patterson Fruit Farm located in Chesterland. It’s not too far of a drive outside Cleveland and located on the east side in Geauga County. They have the BEST doughnuts, apple dumplings, apple fritters, frozen cider, and it is the most beautiful place. If you have kiddos, it’s a great place to play, as they have a pretty unique farm playground. We buy our apples there and our pumpkins for the year. Sometimes, we buy neither and just go for the views and the drinks and food.

When in Geauga, sometimes we stop through Burton and go to Coffee Corners and grab a maple latte. Mmm. While on the sweet track, King Kone has seasonal ice cream flavors and their own version of an apple cider slush. Meanwhile, if we’re feeling hungry, we stop through Noce for some pizza to warm our tummies after all the cold foods.

If you’re still having a sweet tooth… go to Richards Maple Products and be sure to pick up some maple syrup and all the candies you’ll need to hunker down for the upcoming months.

Okay, I promise we don’t just eat and drink our way through the fall. We also love to go hiking! Here are some of our favorites for fall foliage:

Rocky River Reservation


Whitlam Woods


The West Woods


Other favorites include Shaker Lakes and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. If you’re heading to the CVNP, be sure to check out Tree Farm Trail, Kendall Lakes, and Kendall Ledges, those are the best!

That about covers it. When we’re not spending time driving around, hiking, drinking, and eating, we’re home cuddling on the couch with a big comfy blanket and watching the best of fall movies. My favorites include You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Practical Magic.