Can I be a wellness advocate and a wholesale customer?             
No, each individual or married couple is only allowed one Wellness Advocate account OR one Wholesale Customer account.

Can a wholesale customer become a wellness advocate?

In select cases, a Wholesale Customer may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position. If the position they wish to transfer into is underneath the same enroller, then they may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position with placements approval.

Can you order products without signing up?

Yes, however, you will pay the retail price. No membership fee is required, with no minimum orders or monthly ordering. Pay as you go while still getting access to monthly promotions.

How do I receive the free monthly product?

You will need to order 125 PV to receive the free monthly product, which you will need to process before the 15th of the month.

Are essential oils safe?

Yes. Only take internally if there are nutrition facts on the back and if it is 100% Pure CTPG, dōTERRA only, basically 🙂

Does dōTERRA offer products through a yearly wholesale membership?

doTERRA offers products through a yearly wholesale membership. For a low membership fee of $35.00, a Wellness Advocate will be able to purchase products at wholesale prices 25 percent below retail. After becoming a Wellness Advocate, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.33.

Can a Wholesale Customer resell dōTERRA Products?

No. Wholesale Customers cannot resell dōTERRA products. This customer type is defined as purchasing product for personal use only. If a Wholesale Customer wants to resell products they must first upgrade their account to Wellness Advocate.

Is dōTERRA an MLM?

Yes, but it’s so much more than that. We seek to educate and empower people who are looking for natural solutions to healthcare and wellness. We chose to be a company that focuses on people, and not profit, which is why our wellness advocates are so important.

What are the benefits of a wholesale account?     
A Wholesale Customer receives the same discount as a Wellness Advocate, but cannot earn commissions by sharing products. A Social Security Number is not required to open a Wholesale Customer account. You receive access to BOGO’s and 25% off retail prices annually. No selling required, no monthly or minimum orders. Earn Loyalty Reward Points (LRP) immediately when spending, and get back up to 30% of what you spend back in LRP for free or discounted products.

What is LRP?

LRP stands for Loyalty Reward Points, and you’re eligible for them with a wholesale account. You can gain anywhere between 10%-30% back on your purchases on top of your 25% wholesale savings. You must make a minimum purchase of 50PV in order to accrue LRP.

Can I still save without using LRP?

Of course! In addition to the 25% off retail value, you can still earn shipping points on one time orders that can be applied to your next order.

Do I have to use my LRP with each order?

Nope! LRP is valid for one year after their earned, so save them up and get whole orders completely free!

What are the benefits of a wellness advocate? 

You will receive a welcome package from me, along with access to our members-only Facebook groups! See what we’re all about by visiting our Instagram ☼ Find Healing Here ☼ or by searching our hashtag #findhealinghere ♥ You will receive the same benefits as a wholesale customer but will have the opportunity to earn commissions, along with your own dōTERRA website.

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